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Love In the Air (2018) watch Online Download Details review

Love In The Air drama Review This is another rom-com with fantasy genre because angels, cupid are existed in this drama. Also this drama is the
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Love In The Air (2018)

A teen Drama Watch Online

Drama Love In The Air
Country China
Episodes 24
Aired 19 jan 2018 - 23 fab 2018
Aired on Thursday, Friday
Original Network Unknown
Duration 45 min.
Content Rating 13+ or older

Love In The Air (2018) Review

Love In The Air Statistics

IMDB Rating- 5.3/10 *
My Drama list Rating- 7.4/10*

Love In The Air Details

Native Title: 幸福,近在咫尺
Also Known As: Xing Fu, Jing Zai Zhi Chi , Happiness, Now Supporting
Director: Ivy Chen
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural

Love In The Air Summary

A dream romance centred on a white collar employee and her "guardian angel." 

Towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, a lunar eclipse causes ordinary villagers to develop mysterious powers and they become a clan of guardians who live thorugh the millennia. Jiang Yi Yi (Ivy Chen) and her first love Chu Tian Qi (Archie Kao) have broken up for two years. She appears to have gotten her life together on the outside but actually still bears scars from her failed relationship. When she encounters Fang Mu Ye (Wang Zi Qi) who is in training to be a guardian, the two become unlikely partners. He uses his special skills to help Jiang Yi Yi in her career and even intends to reunite her with her ex. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, the two don't realize that love is in the air.

Where To Watch Love In The Air

WeTv- Free (sub)

Love In The Air Casting Star's

Wang Zi Qi as Fang Mu Ye
(Main Role)

Ivy Chen as Jiang Yi Yi
(Main Role)

My experience/ Love In The Air drama Review

This is another rom-com with fantasy genre because angels, cupid are existed in this drama. Also this drama is the first drama that directed by Ivy Chen which actually not bad for beginner Director. As for the cast, personally I think all of them were doing fine, especially Ivy Chen who acting doesn’t need to be questioned anymore.
As for Wang Zi Qi, his acting isn’t bad, still watchable and I think he still has room to improve his acting.

To sum up, this drama still watchable although the story plot isn’t something superb but because of Ivy Chen and other supporters cast such as Xia Ruo Yan who played as second female and also few famous actors and actresses who made special appearance such as Chen Bo Lin, Janice Zhang, Ren Yan Kai, etc.

The plot itself is something sweet but also melancholy, especially Ivy Chen crying acting. She acted so real moreover at the scene when Jiang Yi Yi cried under the heavy rain and then Fang Mu Ye came with umbrella but refused by Jiang Yi Yi. Also one of sweet moment was when Fang Mu Ye hairdrier Jiang Yi Yi’s hair.

How many star rating would you give for this drama?

Have you seen this drama, if yes then how did you like this drama, you can give your opinion in the comment box and how many stars will you give?

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