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Meet By Window (2021) watch Online Download Details & Review

Meet By Window drama Review I enjoyed it because of the performances and side jokes, but as I already stated, it is the crew's efforts that determi...
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Meet By Window (2021)

A teen Drama Watch Online

Drama Meet by window
Country China
Episodes 36
Aired 8 jan 2021- 13 feb 2021
Aired on Friday, Saturday
Original Network Youku
Duration 11 min.
Content Rating Not Yet Rated

Meet By Window (2021) Review

Meet By Window Statistics

IMDB Rating- 8/10 *
My Drama list Rating- 7.2/10*

Meet By Window Additional Details

Native Title: 我在窗口遇见他
Also Known As: Met Him By The Window , Wo Zai Chuang Kou Yu Jian Ta , Ngo Joi Cheung Hau Yu Gin Ta , 我在窗口遇見他
Director: An Dong
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Youth, fantacy

Meet By Window Summary

In possession of a novel which can open a door to a parallel world, Zhang Bo Yu (Guo Jia Nan) never once dreamed that anyone would ever join him on his other-worldly adventures; but through an unexpected and completely coincidental twist of fate, that’s exactly what happens. Discovering Bo Yu’s greatest secret, completely by accident, Xiao Jiu (Zhu Li) and Bo Yu’s lives are changed forever. 

With the ability to travel to a parallel world, Xiao Jiu and Bo Yu embark on a series of adventures through both time and space. Aided by a mysterious energy, the two travel to places unknown, befriending Lin Yi Tong (Yang Shi Qian) along the way. As the trio grows closer together, their combined curiosity and growing friendship takes them on the journey of a lifetime.

From rollicking adventures to thrilling exploits, the three friends explore the many wonders of far-off worlds together, learning what it means to live and love, along the way.

(Source Wiki)

Where To Watch Online Meet By Window Drama

  • Viki- Free (sub)
  • YOUKU (优酷)- Subscription (sub)
  • YoYo English Channel- Free (sub)

Meet By Window Casting Star's 

Guo Jia Nan as Zhang Yu Bo
(Main Role)

Zhu Li as Xiao Jiu
(Main Role)

Li Hao Fei
as Lian Jie
(Main Role)

My experience/ Meet By Window drama Review

I enjoyed it because of the performances and side jokes, but as I already stated, it is the crew's efforts that determine if a drama is of true quality or simply enjoyable. This was fun to watch. This ensemble cast was enjoyable to see, and the writing was excellent. The bus window images looked to repeat themselves, and the backdrops were reproduced in the wrong order. Also, the prior episode's replay would have been good if it hadn't been 12 minutes long. So the ranking would be higher if we simply looked at the performance and the storey. All of the hard effort put in by all of the folks behind the scenes is noticed. 

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